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Welcome to Sipma Farms

We made the decision in the fall of 2013 to move our family into the country and begin farming.  It wasn’t that difficult of a decision.  As a child, Tracy’s family lived on a small farm and her grandparents and ancestors raised their families on farms.  Tim’s mother was raised on the family farm and many generations before hers.  I guess you could say it’s in their blood!  For many years we have grown our own produce.  We absolutely love the entire process from starting seeds to eating food the food we grow…and now we are sharing that with you!

We are passionate about providing safe and healthy foods to our customers as well as teaching others in being more self-sufficient.  Our short term goals is to get our food to your table through our farm stands and farmer’s markets.  Stay tuned as we announce our farm stands and farmer’s markets locations. We also are more than happy to invite you to our farm to make your purchases!

Long term, we will have a general store on site that may serve as an education center.  We firmly believe that everyone should have the knowledge and skills to provide for themselves.  Once established, we will sell farm products and produce as well as soaps, lotions, and honey.

Our Vision: Improve the quality and safety of the local food supply through education and community engagement while creating a sustainable food system. We will build a community of growing accessible, sustainable, safe, and healthy food g a sustainable food system.

Our Mission: Growing, raising, and providing healthy food and handmade products


  • Quality.
    We grow safe and healthy food for our local communities using the most natural methods. We feel it is important for our customers to understand where their food comes from, ensuring it is safe and is high quality. We make every attempt to grow slow foods in the most natural ways for a healthier Iowa. We specialize in growing heirloom produce.
  • Community.
    We support local families in need of help through our community sales give back program. From our sales, we offer a variety of give back services ranging from food donations to educating our community. We educate people how to grow and preserve healthy food for their families. Through workshops, food fairs, and classes at our future education center, we inspire self-reliance.
  • Stewardship.
    We are prideful in our ability to grow sustainable food and conserve natural resources. We utilize innovative methods to prevent unnecessary wastage of our products and by-products through our self-sustaining techniques. We commit to researching and implementing farming methods to protect the environment.