Sipma Farms CSA Sign Up

Sipma Farms is offering a CSA for the 2016 growing season!!! If you aren’t sure what a CSA is, it basically is a way for you to support us as a farm by pre-paying for an entire season of food! You buy a share for your family, we receive immediate capital to help fund our operation for the year and in turn, we give you a box of food each week by sharing what is currently fresh and ripe. We both share in the risk, and we both share in the reward. Sipma Farms can use the capital to make each year bigger and better!

Early bird sign up for 2016 is only $400 for 22 weeks, which will allow you to receive on average $20 worth of organically grown produce each week. This share will provide organic produce for a family of 2-3, Half shares may be available. If you sign up after December 31st 2015, the price will go up to the normal $450 per share.

We have 50 shares available for 2016.

We will be at the Johnston and Prairie City farmers markets in 2016. The Johnston Farmer’s Market is on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-6:30 at the Johnston City Hall. The Prairie City Farmer’s Market is on Saturday mornings from 8-11:30. You will be able to pick your shares up at those locations. We also will set up regular days and times that you can pick up at the farm each week.

In addition to the great food each week, another benefit of being a share owner is that CSA members will receive 10% discount on all other Sipma Farms products (eggs, soaps, lotions, meats)

Will grow common produce such as (this is not all inclusive):

Tomatoes (many varieties)
Peppers (many varieties)
Green Beans
Squash (many varieties)
If you need flexibility with buying your food shares or have alternative means of payment, please contact Tim at 515-537-4459 to work out an arrangement. As part of our mission, we are passionate ensuring you receive quality organic food and form a mutually beneficial partnership.

You will receive status updates of what types of produce are ready so you can perform meal planning. You may also receive Sipma Farms recipes and other ideas on how our products can be utilized by you and your family.

You have the opportunity to submit ideas/requests for types of produce you would like us to grow and we will consider all recommendations. Our mission focuses on sustainability so all produce we grow is Non-GMO, heirloom, and organically raised. We always love to hear from you! We only have two perspectives, so any perspective from you will only make our farm better and in turn a better experience for you!!

You can sign up here: online